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Workers Compensation Ghost Policy

Just about everyone with minimum premium policies will see yet another increase in premium. Last year premiums jumped from $750 to $1,000. This year, most class codes jumped up to $1,250.

We have partnered with Sole Proprietor Solutions to offer you a Minimum Premium Workers’ Compensation Ghost Policy and a 24 hour Accident Coverage with Accidental Death & Dismemberment. The best part of the new packaged offering is that the total cost will be less than you are paying now.

The total annual paid premium is $958. This is a package offering and requires the combination of the Minimum Workers’ Compensation premium ($750) and the Accident Protector Policy premium ($208). The Ghost Policy / Accident Protector package includes:

Workers Compensation
Accident Protector

• Guarantee issue, non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable for life, 24 hour coverage, Owner only policy

Underwriting Requirements

Take a moment to review the Accident Protector Benefit Summary.

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