Flood Insurance

Did You Know...

Everybody lives in a flood zone. 25% of all flood claims are for properties located in lower-risks areas. What is the lowest flood risk? An “X” Zone. You can be 300 feet away from the ocean or a river and have less of a chance of flooding than someone living 20 miles away from a body of water.

Why You Ask?

Ever notice when it rains in certain residential sections and it is pouring for a long period of time and water fills the streets, comes over the curb and slowly ascends on the property getting close to a house?

That is poor drainage. Sometimes during heavy rain, the storm drains cannot take all the instant, rapid waterfall. Two (2) inches of standing water in your home could cost you over $25,000 in damages. Not including the cost of living somewhere else while repairs are made, replacing your appliances and furniture. It is overwhelming.

And Your Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover You For Damage Caused by Flood.

Live in a Condominium?

If you live in a Condominium, did you know it is the responsibility of your Association to purchase flood insurance for not only the exterior of the building, but the interior of the building as well. You may purchase coverage for your personal belongings only.

If you live in a Condominium and have flood insurance, you need to check your policy. If you are paying for coverage for the building, you will not have coverage if there is a loss.

Why Are We Different?

We have spent a great deal of time becoming certified and knowledgeable about this subject. Times are changing and so is our climate. A flood loss can condemn your home and if you do not have coverage, where will you live?

Are you in an “X” Zone? Here are your rates:

Flood Zone X

Building Coverages

Deductible $1,250


Content Coverage

Deductible $1,250




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