Multiple Properties

You Have a Portfolio of Rental Properties

Have you run into issues getting affordable coverage because you own multiple rentals?

Most companies will allow you to add up to four (4) properties within your personal portfolio. What happens when you have five (5) properties or more?

Did you know that some insurance companies do not offer all the coverages available on a rental property?

We have several carriers that offer the necessary endorsements to guarantee your property is properly insured and you are not missing anything.

You probably think that will cost you an arm and a leg; you will be very surprised. Some of our carriers even offer low wind and hail deductibles.

What Special Endorsements do you needs?

Not only it is important to make sure the value of the home is properly insured, when you have rental property, the amount of coverage you carry for detached structures and loss of rent is critical.

You also need coverage for:

  • Damage caused by water that backs up through your sewers and drains
  • Coverage for the appliances you furnish
  • Flood Insurance
  • Ordinance and Law Coverage
  • Personal Liability Coverage

Why is Ordinance and Law Coverage Important?

Not all policies automatically come with this endorsement. It is especially important for homes that are ten (10) or more years older.

Without this endorsement you have no coverage.

If you suffer a loss you could be required to bring the house up to code based on the current codes in your City or County. Codes change almost weekly and without this endorsement you could be looking at an enormous bill.

For example, how many electrical sockets do you have on each wall? Ever wonder why a wall in your house does not have a socket and wish there were one? And now you must use an extension cord. Because of the number of fires everyday from poor extension cords, that has become one of the number one codes to change on a regular basis. If you visit a new home site, pay attention to the number of plugs on each wall.

Why Are We Different?

Sometimes savings a few dollars today could cost you thousands later. The insurance companies we represent, help us help you tailor coverage that best fits your rental portfolio.

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