Privacy Policy

This notice describes how sensitive policyholder information may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.

Steve Love Insurance Agency, Inc. (SL) is committed to the privacy of your personal information and will use strict privacy standards to protect it from unauthorized use or disclosure. This notice informs you of SL privacy practices and certain rights available to you under applicable federal and state law.

  1. SL will neither disclose nor share sensitive policyholder, (PH) information with any outside source, unless ordered to do so by a court of law. This information includes but is not limited to our PH names, addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth, driving records, policies owned, or coverage limits. An outside source is hereby meant to mean any third party outside of the companies we approach in order to obtain insurance or financial security quotes, products, or policies on behalf of you, or a third party bank or mortgage company that has an interest in your property or business.
  2. Each PH will have a paper file prepared and maintained on their behalf and stored in our agency, and an electronic file (if applicable) in our computer records. Our computer records are protected by the latest version of Macafee Security software and periodically updated by our parent company Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Our paper files are located on premises and secured each night by lock and key. Occasionally an agent with our agency may need to remove your file from premises to meet with you or a member of the company that insures you. In each instance that agent is required to place a check out card where your file is stored indicating that they have your file in their posession, and why. Only the Landlord of our building and their bonded custodial service has access to our building after business hours. We periodically purge each paper file for unnecessary and duplicate data. This data is then shredded and disposed.
  3. Only our policyholder or a member of their family that is also listed as an insured may call to discuss any pertinent information about your account. We will require a written order form you to remove any coverage or delete any vehicle, or to cancel a policy. We will accept a verbal order to add any coverage or vehicle, such as a new purchase, from you, a member of your family that is listed as an insured on your policy, or by a third party acting as your agent. An example of this is a car dealer that calls to say you have just purchased a new vehicle.
  4. Each agent or service representative will keep an active daily phone log and record each incoming call from PH and third parties. Each agent or service representative will also use the “contacts” electronic log to log in any changes made and why to any policy you may have in force.
  5. You can review your electronic and paper file with management by appointment.
  6. We reserve the right to change this notice at any time and in any manner that is permitted under applicable law.