08/18/2020 ★★★★★

In my many moves over the past 40 years, I have dealt with all sort of insurance agencies and brokers/agents.  In my opinion, Paula Quidgeon has left the pack back at the gate.  Knowledgeable and comprehensive in her thinking.  Creative in her approach that matches best coverage for your dollar.  A very good listener (which should never be underestimated nor assumed).  And, she is well respected by her many clients, business peers, and associates who work with her to deliver ‘peace-of-mind’ for clients all over the country.  If I had found Paula 40 years ago, I could also write that she was my only insurance agent ever.  She is the very best.

David M. Crocker, RADM (Ret) US Navy

10/2019 ★★★★★

Wonderful. Sara was absolutely helpful and got us a great price on commercial insurance, I will be recommending her to all the contractors I work with!


8/20/2019 customer service ★★★★★

Jami is great to work with as she is very knowledgeable and very helpful. thank you


8/20/2019 So happy we switched! ★★★★★

We were paying WAY too much at our last company and didn’t even know it! The employees were so helpful and friendly that we probably would not have stayed with our prior company anyway. We wanted our experience to be easy just in case something happened and we have not been dissatisfied at all. It’s great to have the peace of mind.

AngelonCindy Portsmouth, VA

8/19/2019 Highly recommend ★★★★★

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Kristin was extremely helpful and professional. It really feels like the staff cares about finding the products that fit your needs.

ConnieP Virginia Beach, VA

8/19/2019 W.O.W. Customer Service ★★★★★

Spoke to Jami after taking a breathing treatment for my asthma after I was side swiped by some irresponsible driver on my way to get my White Chocolate Mocha this morning. I ended up filing my claim with the claims department but not before Jami helped to save me some cash flow on my new home insurance policy. Specifically, hurricane season is real and its here so I need to protect my house. She was very patient with me explaining all things insurance and I trusted her experience as she was able to offer me a 2% Hurricane deductible after combining my home and auto insurance. 2% YALL. Not sure how much that's gonna be in the event of an emergency but I know that it's better than the 5% my other insurance gave me! Thanks for saving me lots Jami! Would recommend to all my friends.

Linzee Virginia Beach, VA

8/19/2019 Amazing service!!! ★★★★★

Kristin really out did herself helping me in all areas! She was so knowledgeable with a fantastic personality! All of my needs were attended to with care!

Chey Scotland Neck, NC

8/19/2019 Best Agency ★★★★★

So helpful with great customer service! Very knowledgeable!


8/19/2019 Awesome. ★★★★★

Kristin was very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. She gave me a quote that was very reasonable and most importantly, she gave me peace of mind that I was making the right decision by switching.

AndreaCraw Chesapeake

8/18/2019 Nationwide really is on your side! ★★★★★

Got Jami on the phone a few days ago and she's amazingly polite and friendly. She answered all my questions about bundling insurance types and even how I could pay my bill. Will definitely be referring y'all !

KayeLoni Chesapeake, VA

8/18/2019 Great insurance ★★★★★

Steve Love agency is really nice and the agent are professional and very knowledge. Would recommend to everyone!


2019 ★★★★★

Hands On Company that addresses your Insurance needs personally.

Joy Meckenna

9/11/2018 Awesome agent & superior service! ★★★★★

Leslie Peacock is a truly outstanding insurance agent and a wonderful representative for your company! Even though I was not a member, I called Steve Love Insurance Agency based on its many five star reviews. You see, I was having a very difficult time gaining accurate and consistent responses from my own auto insurance company - the answers conflicted and seemed to depend on who answered my phone call - so I thought I might receive much more reliable information from Steve Love Insurance Agency. Bottom line: I was right! When I called, Leslie answered the phone. Despite my being extremely exasperated and overwhelmed, she was more than willing to help me. In fact, she literally made sense out of the nonsense and calmed me down ... way down! She explained what each line item on the policy meant and she gave me her personal recommendations based on experience with real-world scenarios. By the time we hung up, I understood what was happening and what I needed to do. Believe it or not, her assistance helped reduce my insurance premium - she showed me how I was paying for more services than I actually needed. Of course, I asked her for a quote from Nationwide because she knew what I wanted and what I needed. The quote ended up being extremely reasonable and was at the same price point of my current company, a company I had been with for over 30 years. I told her I would switch to Nationwide in a heartbeat if I were unable to rectify the issue with my company. She understood and wished me all the best. I knew she was sincere and meant her every word! I then realized I had to write this review about Leslie because she was so unique and so incredibly helpful! There are few people in this world who would go the extra mile for a stranger much less spend so much time with someone who wasn't already a patron of the company. Leslie was awesome! She treated me as if I had been a long-time customer! Her knowledgable, insight, and guidance were superior!

NorfolkDriver Norfolk, VA

8/5/2018 Stellar service ★★★★★

As a new customer I would like to express my appreciation of Jami Barclift in the processing of my policy as well as providing the course of action in a very unfortunate 'hit-and-run' claim. The entire staff was extremely courteous, professional, prompt and competent and I would highly recommend this office. What a comforting change to see that customer service is the priority. Thank you!

beach2002 Virginia Beach

4/10/2018 Fantastic service ★★★★★

Have recently had two occasions to request changes regarding our auto insurance and each was handled very professionally and quickly. Each time the agent was able to not only provide the service, but find a discount as well. Signing documents electronically further helped the process. Great work by a great team. Thanks.

Gerard Virginia Beach

2/20/2018 Great people ★★★★★

Leslie was very responsive to all my questions and concerns. She helped me find the best auto coverage for my family
Other agencies would not answer questions - either by phone or email - yet kept sending canned messages touting their quote.
I wanted an agency that would respond to my concerns and actually read my questions/responses. This agency rates AAA on this!!

Customer45 Virginia Beach

May, 2017 ★★★★★

I came to this particular agent because of a privacy violation I experienced with another agent I had. Jami offered several solutions to the problem and was able to write my insurance within 24 hrs, She was extremely helpful again when I purchased my home 2 years later. She explained the process step by step, what was necessary, and helped me reach a good balance in cost, protection levels and deductibles. Over the years, we have had just "touch-base" contact, as I never had a claim until June of 2016 with a small fire. They were quick to dispatch restoration people, and were equally quick to handle the claim, handing me a check within a few days of the claim. They have always been quick to answer questions. Excellent customer service, and very friendly!


2/21/2017 Awesome people ★★★★★

I have been with this company for more than a decade and I have have nothing wrong to say about but only good things always they have been there for me as their logos said Nationwide is on your side it's true

Ar77 Norfolk,Va

12/13/2016 Excellent customer service ★★★★★

I have been using Nationwide Insurance through Steve Love Insurance Agency for my business liability insurance coverage for 5 years now and they have been nothing but amazing. Every time I call or have any concerns they take care of me right away. When I ask for help or need a Certificate of Insurance they are prompt and friendly. I would recommend Steve Love Insurance for any business insurance coverage.

tcsllc Virginia Beach, VA

11/10/2016 great features ★★★★★

have been with nationwide, steve love for many years, love the service they give me..when I call the agent is always very polite and helpful

lovejesus norfolk, va

8/30/2016 Great help ★★★★★

Jami was able to walk me thru everything over the phone and email to get me set up with renters insurance. Great rates too.

Deuce Norfolk, Va

7/11/2016 ★★★★★

Kristen was customer friendly. Knowledgeable, so helpful and not pushy. Good experience

KristenBill75 Virginia Beach

7/7/2016 Great Agent and Agency ★★★★★

I received a call yesterday from Jami Barclift. She was letting me know that there was a way to lessen my premium for our homeowner's policy. To begin with it is so very seldom that a company will call you to tell you they have found a way to lessen payments!! She was very professional and great to deal with. We have had insurance through the Steve Love Agency for many years and have not found anything to complain about. I highly recommend them.

Go14 Virginia Beach, VA

6/23/2016 They Called Me...To SAVE Me $$$$$ ★★★★★

I received a call from Kristen to update my policy and save me $$$. I already had a policy with Nationwide but I wasn't expecting THEM TO CALL ME to say they could save me more $$$ with a new product. Not only did they save me $$$ but I'm getting more coverage than before. EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!

PatCE Virginia Beach, VA

6/15/2016 Excellent Customer Service ★★★★★

Jami reviewed my homeowner's policy and called to explain that she could re-write the policy saving me money while proving better coverage. She is extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond to make this happen. This is just one example of the excellent customer service that the Steve Love Insurance Agency provides to their clients.

FPSF Virginia Beach, VA

6/1/2016 Great Agency ★★★★★

We are from out of state and purchasing a rental property in Virginia Beach. As we have little knowledge of the local market, Jami did and excellent job of understanding our needs and providing several policy options saving us both time and money. Her follow through was outstanding.We highly recommend Jami and the Steve Love Agency.

Bronco7 Denver Colorado

5/25/2016 ★★★★★

I worked with Jamie while I was in the process of trying to sell my home, with the possibility of having to re-rent it. Jamie helped me understand what I was facing in regard to costs of various policies, and the time frames involved. She was patient, professional, and followed up with me numerous times, as she stated she would. I am very pleased with the care I have received from Jamie, and look forward to working with her in the future.


5/25/2016 Kristin is great!! ★★★★★

I had great customer service from Stevev Live insurance agency in Virginia beach. Kristin was great. She was professional, knowledgeable and extremely nice. She got back to me in a timely fashion and kept me updated. I would give them a high recommendation!!


3/30/2016 Extremely Helpful! ★★★★★

The Steve Love Agency is great to work with. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always get back to me in a timely manner. Jamie was extremely helpful with a personal property policy as well as my auto policy. She made the process super easy and pain free. I knew I would be well taken care of and it was one less thing I had to worry about. I certainly recommend them to anyone looking for any sort of coverage!

SBrinkley Virginia Beach, VA

3/25/2016 Great Insurance Agency! ★★★★★

We have been working with Steve Love Insurance Agency for our commercial insurance and now for personal insurance. Our commercial rep, Sarah and our personal rep, Jami have provided us with excellent customer service! This agency overall has been great to work with and we would highly recommend them.

FWilliams42 Richmond, Va

3/8/2016 Great Service ★★★★★

I called and talked with Dana, one of the representatives for Steve Love's agency. Dana went above and beyond on helping me get signed up and going over all my questions with satisfactory answers with great direction on what my insurance needs were. She even stayed after hours to make sure my applications were filled out correctly and that I had the correct insurance product. Also, every time I have called into the office, any agent I have talked to has been nice and very informative. I would highly recommend Steve Love's Insurance Agency.

jmdday Chesapeake, VA

2/25/2015 Flood Insurance ★★★★★

Agent provided quote within 24 hours and I purchased policy. Long-term client and never disappointed.

francis1949 virginia beach, va

11/19/2014 5-Star Experience ★★★★★

Dana did an excellent job in getting me great rates on both my homeowners and auto insurance. She was flexible in making appointments so I could meet with her in her office at times that fit my schedule. She did a great job making sure I understood my policy and even if I had questions later she was just a phone call away. I highly recommend Dana to anyone who has insurance needs because working with her is truly a 5-star experience.


11/10/2014 Very Helpful and Friendly ★★★★★

Dana was very helpful in deciding what coverage I should have for my auto insurance policy. I was able to schedule a time to meet with her in the office at a time that was convenient for me. She ran multiple quotes through and helped guide me through the entire process. I highly recommend that you stop in to see Dana if you have any insurance needs. Thanks Dana!

BenjaminL Virginia Beach, VA

10/16/2014 Great Customer Service ★★★★★

Kristy was willing to rearrange her schedule to meet with me on a day that her office is closed -- traveling a great distance. Thanks to Kristy, I have a product that I am secure in. Thank you Steve Love Insurance Agency and kudos to Kristy!

Sunshiningday Virginia Beach, VA

8/8/2014 A+ Customer Service ★★★★★

I have been with Nationwide Steve Love for years. In that time, claims for a stolen car and also an unfortunate accident were submitted. On both accounts, claims were effortless and handled with the highest respect in a timely manner. That is saying a lot for Nationwide as an Insurance Company. The Steve Love Agency employs Agents with vast knowledge of what they are assigning and also in a very personalized manner. When dealing with them, it feels like we are dealing with friends who are looking out for our best interests! Very friendly and comfortable to deal with.... I never feel like I am 'bothering' them as with some customer services. They all stay on top of our accounts and very quick responses. I highly recommend them!

DavidFW Virginia Beach, VA

8/7/2014 Outstanding Everything ★★★★★

I have been a Nationwide customer since 1980, auto, home, renters. Steve Love's agency is my second Nationwide Agency. My first agent retired and I was assigned here. I have always enjoyed talking with the staff at the office. They are always polite, and eager to help. I have found that if they do not know the answer to a question they do know where to look for the answer. In all of my years with Nationwide and the Steve Love agency I have never had an issue with them. Even when you call the claims service number they are great.

Excellent service, excellent staff.

Edwacoo virginia beach

8/4/2014 Amazing Service, Grateful Client... ★★★★★

Dana DuBois is my rep at this agency. She handles my homeowner's and auto insurance. Not only is she absolutely delightful to work with, she is very knowledgeable, gives me great guidance, offers options and the best price I have found for my situation. As a Realtor, it is good to have such a worthy source to which to refer my clients, when I can speak of her with my own satisfied, personal experience. Thanks, Dana and the Steve Love Agency!

TheHershyLadyRealtor Virginia Beach, VA

6/11/2014 Diligent Services (Heather) ★★★★★

This review is for Heather McIlwee who I've had a very positive experience with regards to assisting my needs with my Home Owner's Insurance related issues. I've been with this Agency since 2004. The examples of Heather's professional services were cited below.
1) When my mortgage company Navy Federal Credit Union was requesting the Master Condominium Policy Annually. I had to retrieve that information from another Nationwide agency who was rude and unprofessional with my request. Heather was able to assist me in getting this policy which had to be done 3 times due to the lack of attention to detail on the other Nationwide Agency's part.
2) Another example of Heather efforts was when Navy Federal Credit Union needed my wife and my brother's name added to the policy as part of my refinancing she was able to accomplish this task with minimal downtime so that Navy Federal could facilitate the closing process. As usual she was able to also send me digital copies and kept my contacts updated with the process.

GaryL Chespeake, VA

6/4/2013 The best there is! ★★★★★

This agency is 5-star across the board!

I originally began using this agency 15 years ago. It was just me and my partner, one company, no employees, only a computer and a truck. This agency gave us the same attention then as they do today, with 5 separate companies, over 50 employees all companies combined, two buildings, a large computer system, and several uninsured subcontractors. They have helped us with everything from worker's comp/GL/auto/life, to the partner's personal car/home insurance, to aviation insurance (we have a helicopter). So far, there has been nothing they couldn't do for us! I can ALWAYS get a quick answer, and if they don't know something, they will find out.

If I was reading this review, I'd want to know their weak points...honestly, I'm not sure I've ever seen one. They have been that helpful to me!

I cannot speak highly enough of these folks and know that you would find the staff there THE BEST and MOST INFORMED in the Insurance Industry. Their customer service is truly 5-star!!!

Michelle M

MichelleM Chesapeake, VA